Welcome to My Current Version of Springfield in the Simpson's Tapped Out game.
This is where I will be hanging my latest updates...as well as explanations of the reasons behind my design choices.
I will always start with the most recent updates (at least twice a month) that add something substantial to my already sprawling town. As you can tell, I am into landscaping and back stories. I don't "House Farm" in an effort to gather more points quickly...I use doughnuts sparingly...and abhor cheaters and hackers who don't get the fun of playing the game the way it was intended (handing loads of money and time to EA).

For the most part, I simply enjoy making up a back-story for each segment of the town. I have reasons for organizing aspects of the town, but am open to your own interpretation. I DO NOT LIKE the limit of 4500 items that EA tries to place on you (it is a scare tactic, as I am WAY over that limit). The reason, is that I am a fan of making the town as real as possible, and that means loads of plants, trees, and details. It seems counterproductive to me to limit creativity...but, perhaps I am taking my "God Complex" a bit too far.

Here are a couple of ideological things that I use as rules of thumb.

1. Houses...one each...except for the Brown Houses (which are for the workers in the Sports/Gambling/Gangster area). I simply can't see having more houses than there are characters in play...
2. Parking lots- same rule applies here. There are only a couple of options for cars/vehicles for goodness sake. Dedicating tons of space for parking lots, for multiple ambulances, cop cars, and limousines seems silly. I'd rather plant trees.
3. I am all for keeping the air clean in an otherwise polluted environment. I want lots of trees, and plants to try and offset the obviously leaky Nuclear Power plant and the polluted water that goes with it.
4. I readily acknowledge that a game that I started, just to be able to hook up with my grandsons who live 100 miles away, has become a bit of a habit... However, as I do play loads of golf in the real world, own a business, and am dedicated to my wife of more than 30 years, I tend to run my growing list of character chores in 4-8-12 hours cycles. For me, it is more about building than playing/building up cash.

Have fun perusing my town...check back to see the changes weekly. Thanks for stopping by!


Current Full Town Shot as of 06-20-13
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Special Sections and Explanations
(Click on titles to see image and back-story)

Grandpa Saves Springfield...The Birds Sequel

Pain, Gain, Redemption & Punishment

The Circle of Life

Frink's Stairs to Nowhere...and the Fun Zone Fake-Out

Buddhist Temple and Observatory Combine for Phaith

My Tribute to "Burning Man"

Sin City- The Price of Adult Entertainment


Contact PMiller067

Patric Miller has a "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" connection with Simpson's Creator, Matt Groening.

1. I am married to a lovely lady, who was High School classmates with Lisa Groening at Lincoln High School in Portland
2. I did the music for the Claymation Christmas Celebration for CBS TV and Atlantic Records...with one of the segments being produced by Craig Bartlett of "Hey Arnold" fame, as well as an Emmy for his clay animation for an episode of "Moonlighting." He is MARRIED to Lisa Groening.
3. I live in Eugene Oregon, which shares a border (Interstate 5) with the REAL Springfield...home of a main street once permeated by Strip Clubs and Pawn Shops...which they have now begun to "gentrify" into something closer to resembling "Shelbyville."